How to use your pantry, fridge and freezer. 

Who even has a pantry any more?! I keep all my food in a corner cupboard but pantry sounds better!

A part of the reason I’m able to keep the price of my food shopping down is because I keep a well stocked pantry. It contains the smaller items that you use regularly. Some may seem a bit expensive but they are more like an investment as they will be used in many meals.

I bet we all have some thing at the back of our cupboard that we got especially for a recipe and then it never saw the light of day again.

Here are the staples for my general meals:

Oils- I usually use vegetable or olive oil.

Salt and pepper- as well as normal table salt and pepper, I use flavoured Cornish Sea Salt. You can buy it online here: Cornish Sea Salt

Stock cubes- chicken, vegetable and beef always come in handy.

A range of herbs and spices

Pasta and noodles- spaghetti and any shape pasta, buy the 12p packet of noodles you can get in the supermarket but throw away the flavour packet. They are basically ramen noodles.

Rice and cous cous- just white long grain rice as it is the cheapest.

Tinned and jarred food- tomato purée, chopped tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, baked beans. I buy a jar or green Thai curry paste which costs just over £2 but I use it in curry, broth and pies so it is worth getting.

A range of condiments and sauces.

Baking ingredients- White, brown and caster sugar, dried yeast sachets, flour including, plain, self raising and strong white bread flour.

Garlic cloves

For your fridge:

Jam, spreads, sauces, mustard.

Ginger and chilli.

Fruit and vegetables.

Lemons and limes.

Butter, cooking butter and spreadable.

Cheese, cheddar, soft spreadable. I also use feta and mozzarella but buy it when I will be needing it.

Fruit juices.

Beer….of course!

For the freezer:

As well as left overs I keep a few bags of frozen vegetables, peas and sweet corn to go with them.

Frozen sauces- I make a big pan of tomato sauce which I then seperate into small pots. These can be used for different things when defrosted. Like on pizza, pasta, bolognese or even as a healthy ketchup.

A loaf of bread- just incase! I’m always running out of bread so I keep one in the freezer.

Fish- fish pie mix, cod, haddock and prawns.

Hopefully this will give you an insight to what basics you need when planning ahead with your meals. As soon as I’m running low on some thing, I add it onto my on going shopping list so I won’t forget it.

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