Chicken and Spinach Lasagna 

This recipe happened by accident! It originally was supposed to be cannelloni but I ran out of cannelloni tubes and only had lasagna sheets. I’m not a fan of beef or mince so I found it amazing!

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Chicken and Bacon Burgers

As I’ve said before, I don’t eat beef but we eat lots of chicken and we all love bacon. I find chicken burgers aren’t as greasy as other burgers and I know exactly what is going into them so I’m fine giving them to little ones. For the ground chicken, I put chicken breasts in a electic chopper.

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Chicken and Stilton Pie

Everyone loves a pie and this one is my personal favourite. I’m not a big Stilton fan but it tastes good in the creamy cheese sauce. This recipe was originally from an Asda free magazine. I haven’t changed it that much. I normally buy readymade pastry because I’m not very good at it but I attempted it and it actually turned out okay… A bit messy but still okay!

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Chicken Taco Ramen

This recipe is the type I do when we have absolutely no money and I have just what’s in the cupboard, freezer or fridge. I used the meat from the thighs of the whole chicken I used yesterday and the super cheap packet of flavoured noodles again so it costs around 42p a serving. I’ve included the ingredients to make taco seasoning which you can make a small container full and then use it in other meals.

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Chicken and Chickpea Red Curry

This recipe was originally from a vegan cook book but I have changed it a lot to suit all of our tastes. You can have it without the chicken to be a vegan or vegetarian dish.

Remember to take a portion out before adding the chilli if you are cooking for children!

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