Prawn and Chickpea Curry

This curry is suitable for all the family. It was mild enough for my children and still packed with flavour for the adults. I served it with brown rice and my homemade naan bread.

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Teriyaki Salmon and Noodles 

Last week I picked up some salmon portions in the reduced section for 50p each. We do not eat fresh fish very often as it’s usually so expensive. I asked for suggestions for a dish to cook on my blogs Facebook page and I was not disappointed, I wish I had picked up some more salmon now!

This dish was really simple to make. The rich sticky fish goes really well with the fresh tasting noodles. You may want to add more chilli powder if you prefer spicy food but the amount I put in was perfect for my children and my wussy self!

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Leftover Baked Potato Bar

At the end of the week I am always left with a few leftovers from lunches and dinners. This week I managed to picked up some baking potatoes that had been reduced to 5p, so I thought it would make a fun meal to combine them with the leftovers and a few extras. Both my kids loved being able to pick their own toppings and it was great not having waste any food!

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Budget Fishcakes 

These are really cheap and easy to make, plus both my toddlers actually loved them (hurrah!!). I had a couple left over so they went into the freezer for another day. The fish paste is very budget friendly, they still taste just as delicious as ones with fresh fish.

Makes: 6 Cost: 32p each

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Salmon and Pesto Slice 

I feel like I don’t eat enough fish. It’s so good for you and because I do not eat red meat, it is a great alternative. Fish can be expensive compared to meat but the cheapest and best place to buy it is your local fishmonger. If you don’t have a fishmonger near you, the fish counters at the supermarkets mark the price down just before shutting but you have to be quick! This recipe is supposed to be a take on a salmon en croute but that sounds far too posh for me so I will go with salmon slice! It is a bit more pricey than my normal meals but it’s a pay day treat!

Serves 2-4 depending on what you serve it with.

Costs £1.32 a serving

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Mushroom + Seaweed and Prawn + Seaweed Potstickers 

Trying different types of food is important for children. I love Asian food but I always found it expensive to make and the ingredients hard to to get hold of. Sea weed for instance, isn’t some thing widely available in shops. I’m not sure why! It’s low in calories and it has tones of vitamins and minerals, plus it tastes good! Just resently I discovered a seaweed company that is quite local to me, that you can buy online. They have different varieties of seaweed as well as suggestions and recipes to try. I went for the sea salad as it seemed the most versatile since I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it! Making this recipe used not even 1/4 of the packet, so it goes a long way and you still get the seaweed taste.

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Tuna and Broccoli Bake 

When it comes to meal planning I always try and include one meal that includes fish. It seems expensive for the amount you actually get so I usually buy tinned. The town I used to live in had an amazing fishmonger, it was cheap, fresh and had so much more variety. Now I’ve moved and live no where near one! If your local supermarket has a fishmonger in store, check to see what time they close because they reduce any fish that they can not sell the next day. You maybe able to pick up some fish to use for your meal that day!

This meal costs £1.10 per serving.

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Super Healthy Salmon Fish Cakes 

I seem to talk about eating for myself or younger children a lot but I have yet to mention what my 8 month old eats. Weaning the first time round was confusing and actually quite scary! I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to cook or what I had to feed a baby, but now I am confident to share with you what I do.

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