Sticky Pork

I was actually supposed to be making a dish to fit in with Chinese New Year but didn’t realise I had run out of 5 spice until I started making it (I’m kinda tired)!!
It was pretty delicious without it but if you do want to try it just add 1 tbsp of Chinese 5 spice. I’ve used pork loins but can use which ever cut or even meat you wish.

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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

For Christmas I received a slow cooker, I have been meaning to get one for ages but have always had something more important to spend my money on!

My first experiment was pulled pork. It’s a dish that all my family love but I have never attempted to make it myself.

The pork joint leg joint cost £2.80 for 1.9kg and I completely underestimated how much it would make. It gave the four of us (two hungry adults and two toddlers), enough for three different meals.

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Chorizo Rice Stuffed Peppers

I like cooking meals that doesn’t involve using lots of different pots and pans, so this is pretty straight forward and doesn’t give you too much washing up! I decided not to cook the peppers, because it gives a nice crunchy texture to it.

Serves 4

Costs 76p per serving

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Pizza Dogs

At the start of every week, I do a meal plan and ask everyone if there is any thing in particular they want. My 3 year old daughter’s request was pizza sausage!! I’m not 100% sure what pizza sausage is, but she confirmed that these Pizza Dogs will do!
The tomato sauce makes quite a lot but I put the leftovers in the freezer so I can use it next time we make pizza.

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Broccoli and Bacon Pasta Bake

What do you do with your leftover vegetables from your roast dinner? This week I put mine with with an easy pasta bake and made it even more tasty by putting crispy bacon crumbs on top. If you are a vegetarian, feel free to substitute the bacon for breadcrumbs. Both my kids ate all their broccoli… probably something to do with it being covered in cheese sauce!

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Sausage Jambalaya 

Jambalaya is a great way of using lots of different leftover meats. The smoked sausage was from the world food asle at the supermarket, it was 50p. You could even use meat left over from your roast dinner, such as chicken or pork. If your meat is precooked, add it at the end. It sticks to the pan as its cooking so make sure you constantly stir it.

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Porkball and Noodles in a Thai Green Broth

I love Thai takeaway, I miss Thai takeaway! We no longer live near one but also I can’t afford to eat out as often as I would like. I came across a recipe for this porkball broth in a Asda free magazine but it took quite a while to prepare from scratch so this is my version of it that still tastes just as good and for around 80p per serving.

Thai green curry paste is a bit too strong for little ones so I take a portion for them out before adding the paste. But if you aren’t cooking for children, follow the instructions.

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Chorizo and Mozzarella Ham Burgers

These are a family favourite! I’m not a massive fan of beef so ham burgers are a way to please us all. Chorizo adds extra flavour and the stringy mozzarella inside is great fun for little ones. It’s quick and easy to prepare and a good one to get your children involved with preparing. We have been having these at barbecues recently and have been going down a treat!

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Cheese and Bacon Risotto 

Let me start off my saying, this is the first risotto I have ever made! I was recently watching a cooking show on BBC called The Box (I’m actually a little obsessed with it!), some of the contestants on an episode were making risotto so it inspired me to make one too. I’ve made a cheap and simple one with two of my favourite things in life, cheese and bacon! I have used arborio rice which is used for making risottos or rice puddings but just normal long grain rice will do, plus it is cheaper.

TOP TIP: Never stop stirring!!!!

Serves 4             Costs: 54p a serving

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