Savoury Cake 

This won’t be to everyone’s taste and you might think I’ve lost my marbles, putting onion and sweetcorn into cake mix. But it just works, trust me! It can be enjoyed with cheese and chutney, dipped in soup or simple just by itself.
Makes 1 medium cake

Costs 97p

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Mushroom and Noodle Broth

I’m back after a house move! I hope you have all have a good week or so. I have been working on some great new recipes, as well as trying to turn every meal weaning friendly. I have been sent an amazing money saving  product to review which I will let you know about in a few days.

I love Asian food, this recipe is a easy and cheap broth which tastes amazing. I took out some of the noodles and mushrooms, and mashed them a little with a fork for my 9 month old.

Costs: 88p a serving

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The Easiest Falafel Ever

As the title suggests, this is the easiest falafel you will ever make! Not only is it easy to make but it’s super healthy and they only cost 32p a serving. I served mine in pitta bread with salad and salsa. It just goes to show that vegan food can be delicious and nutritious!

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Easy Cheesy Courgette Pasta

This is an ultra cheap meal, 92p a serving! It’s easy to blend down for smaller ones too. I didn’t like courgette until a few months ago, actually I haven’t really tasted it but I’m trying to get my toddler to try everything I can think of and courgette is one green vegetable that she actually likes now. She’s also a big fan of pasta and cheese so this dish is especially for her because she’s been a bit run down with chicken pox the last few days.

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Leek and Mushroom Soup 

Another soup to save left over vegetables from going in the bin. It’s suitable for all the family and you can adapt it to suit tastes. I have made a cream free version not just because we have a cream hater in the house but also to keep costs down and it is healthier. You can either finely chop the leek and mushrooms or blend it all together when it had been cooked. It’s easy and quick to make too.

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Vegetarian Bean Burgers

Although I am no longer a vegetarian, I still prefer vegetarian food. I don’t get to eat it that often because all the other members of the household are avid meat eaters, but I persuaded them to at least try these burgers especially for me!

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Tunisian Omelette

When I go shopping in a supermarket I always pick up their free magazines. They are full of different recipe ideas and are usually pretty cheap too. This one is from Asda’s Easter magazine. I haven’t changed any thing just because it’s tastes so good already!

It costs 67p a serving and is healthy too!

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Tomato and Basil Potato Focaccia 

I don’t get to bake bread as much as I would like just because it takes so long to do, but today was a miserable day so I decided to make my own focaccia. It’s not the easiest to get the hang of because the dough is wetter than normal bread dough. I also made it with potato, which I hadn’t tried before but it turned out pretty good!

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Feta and Spinach Filo Cups

These are great as part of a meal or even just as a snack hot or cold. I use ready rolled filo pastry sheets (don’t tell Mary Berry!). I use frozen spinach that has been defrosted but you can you fresh spinach if you wish. Also I have used cup cake cases but a greased muffin tin would work also.

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Courgette frittata

This is Mr BFM’s favourite meal and he is a big meat lover so it must be pretty good! It’s really quick and easy to make, I’m not sure if this is the way a typical frittata is made but it still works. It’s so easy, that my toddler actually did most of preparing. I had to take over as she got a bit excited about the cheese and fell off her chair (she was fine after having a slice of cheese) but she did the majority of it!

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