Turning Tears Into Smiles

picking flowers

My son loves nothing more than exploring the great outdoors. Normally it involves wondering around the garden with his wellies on, whatever the weather. He is a bit of a dare devil which means that he has a few minor accidents so I see myself as a bit of an expect when it comes to turning tears into smiles.


Here are some of my best tips!


Last week he fell backwards off of the swing which resulted in a bump to the head and a lot of tears. I gave him lots of cuddles and pointed out a nearby bug. He became so interested in watching the bug that the bump to the head was soon forgotten.

blowing dandelions
Blowing dandelions was a great distraction!

“Magic cream.”

For small scratches and bumps we use a certain antiseptic cream which we call magic cream. It works 99.9% of the time!


My two children are both obsessed with plasters! Whenever they have a cut, a plaster makes every thing better. Elastoplast recently sent us two packs of plasters to try out. One pack of Frozen plasters which my daughter loved, she actually couldn’t wait to have the chance to put an Olaf plaster on and another pack of Star Wars ones which they both loved.

star wars plaster
A stormtropper plaster makes everything better (apparently)!

Kiss it better.

As soon as your children hurts themselves, the first thing you do is comfort them, give them lots of kisses and cuddles. I am forever kissing bumps, scabs and stinky stubbed toes better which seems to help…. ahh life of a parent!

Daddy’s chainsaw.

Right, this may be a weird one… please read on before you call social services!! We have a long running joke in our house that involves daddy getting his (pretend) chainsaw out. If the children are a bit upset after hurting themselves he (pretends to) start up his chainsaw and ask them if they want him to chop it off. It ends with them running off giggling and forgetting all about their injuries. Okay…that does sound weird but it works!

ring toss playing outdoors
Having a hoop-tasic time! *eye roll*


This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk

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