Meal Plan Week 10

meal plan

We have gone a week without anything expensive to pay for wooo! Obviously we are still sticking to a tight budget since there are nursery bills to pay for and my son has had a growth spurt so he will be needing some more clothes. I have brought some already in charity shops and I plan to sell his old ones on eBay to get a few more. We are already starting to think about buying Christmas presents too (sorry for saying the C word!) so hopefully December and January will be a bit better financially.

Here are our meals for this week, they are all under £1 a serving and we have one grown up meal a week which isn’t suitable for the kids (they look forward to their weekly fish fingers, chips and beans!).


Homemade Pizza: Yep my daughter picked pizza again just like every week! I don’t mind too much as they love making them and they are guaranteed to eat it.


Tacos with homemade salsa: Taco Tuesday! I use pork mince with taco seasoning, onions, red pepper and my homemade salsa.


Tuna flatbread melts: I used my two ingredient flat breads recipe with tuna, soft cheese and onion. It is a very cheap meal to make and everyone in my household loves them!


Chilli and rice: This is a simple chilli recipe, I purposely make a bit extra to have with tomorrows meal.


Leftover chilli and nacho chips: Chilli from yesturday’s leftovers with chips cooked in taco seasoning. We also like to have a dollop of sour cream and guacamole.


Butter chicken curry with rice and homemade naan bread: Butter chicken curry is my favorite curry, mostly because it’s mild and I can be a wuss when it comes to spice! My husband prefers his with a little more heat so I add more chilli powder once I have taken out portions for me and the kids.


Piri piri chicken wraps: Our grown up meal for the week. Would you believe that I have only ever had one Nando’s in my lifetime?! It was amazing so I thought I would try and come up with my own version.

I love food inspiration so let me know what’s on your meal plan this week!

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