Meal Plan Week 7

The last few weeks we have actually been doing okay for money, we were even able to put some aside for spending money our honeymoon next month. Things are finally looking good…nope!! The car breaks down! We now have to order our food online or go to the very overpriced local shop.

So here is my meal plan using both of those shops!

Monday: Homemade Pizza
Tuesday: Courgette frittata

Wednesday: Cornish Potato Cakes and salad

Thursday: Cheese and Bacon ‘Cornish’ Pasty

Friday: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork wraps

Saturday:  Chicken and Chickpea Stew with Simple Vegetarian Dumplings 

Sunday: BBQ Pulled Pork rolls

7 thoughts on “Meal Plan Week 7”

  1. Bah! Sorry to hear about the car, there’s always something isn’t there? I love the idea of your chickpea stew (and curry, have been having a nosey around your site!) Thanks for the inspiration, I’m a big fan of planning meals to save a few pennies!

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