Grace Aloe Refresh Review

aloe refresh drink product review


Recently I have noticed a rise in aloe vera juices in the shops, quite reasonably priced and something I have never tried before. So I accepted the offer to review some.

I received two bottles, aloe refresh mango and aloe refresh original flavour. They both contain natural flavours and natural colours so they can be enjoyed as a part of a healthy lifestyle.


This one was my favourite and really did live up to the name ‘refresh’! It has bits in it, kind of like what you get in orange juice which was a pleasant surprise. I would definitely buy it in the future as I love the mango flavour and it really quenches your thirst.


The taste of this one is quite hard to describe as it is like nothing I have tasted before. It’s quite sweet and thicker than the mango flavour. This one also has bits in it but I didn’t enjoy these so much. I’m guessing aloe vera is an acquired taste.  It wasn’t for me but my daughter’s verdict was, ‘it’s really very yummy’!

2 thoughts on “Grace Aloe Refresh Review”

    1. Ooo the strawberry one sounds nice! The mango one really nice, bits and all!!
      My husband tried some of the original flavour after I wrote the review and loved it so I think I’m on my own there 🙂

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