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The last few months I have been experimenting with gluten free baking, it hasn’t gone well! I had more or less given up on the idea of successfully baking anything edible for my family when I was offered the chance to review some gluten free mixes from Make It Gluten Free.

About Make It Gluten Free

The director of the comany is a Coeliac, his family would often complain about the aftertaste to gluten free food. He has sourced products with great tastes and are free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and are non-GMO.

I recieved four different mixes, I was impressed with all of them and really couldn’t tell the difference!
Chocolate chip cookies: These were my favourites! The mix is contains almond flour and coconut sugar so I was quite happy for children to eat them without feeling guilty. You have to add an egg, vanilla essence and butter or oil (I added vegtable oil).
Artisan bread: I love making bread but my attempts at making gluten free bread have all been massive fails! This requires eggs, oil and apple cider vinegar. I never buy different vinegars due to cooking on a budget so I used a mixture of lemon juice and water.
Brownies: These were my childrens favourites and I agree, they are very tasty and probably the easiest to make. They require eggs and butter or oil (I used vegtable oil). For an egg free version you can replace the eggs with chickpeas.
Buckwheat waffles: I don’t own a waffle iron so I made pancakes cooked in the saucepan. Gluten free pancakes are the only thing I have made from scratch without being a complete disaster but these were still much better than mine.
All the mixes made more than enough for us eat at once but the finished products are suitable for freezing.

If you visit website they have a great range of other products to chose from and also there are over 50 additional recipes you can make with the mixes which makes them really versatile.

*Disclaimer: I was kindly given these gluten free mixes for reviewing purposes but all thoughts are still my own.*

4 thoughts on “Make It Gluten free review ”

  1. I have quite a few friends who eat a gluten free diet, whether it is for allergy reasons or personal reasons. But I do know that they struggle to find tasty gluten free deserts. I shall definitely tell them about these #YumTum

  2. these look really cool! I didn’t realise they did gluten free ready to mix stuff ( I buy a lot when there are parties etc going on!) these would be perfect for a baby shower I have coming up (the mum to be is gluten free!) 🙂 Thanks for linking this week! #YumTum

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