Will my children know we struggled to feed them? 

After having children it got me thinking about how I was raised. Did my Mum and Dad ever go with out so they could provide for us? Did they ever worry that they weren’t  good enough?  Did they ever struggle to feed us? I have done all these things since I became a mum.

My mum raised 4 children and at times worked 3 jobs so she must have done these things too, surely? I don’t ever remember her struggle, I don’t remember my mum and dad splitting up. I just have happy memories of playing on the moors with my sisters and cousins, having the an occasional trip to Butlins, playing with my friends at nursery and school.

My mum, dad and sisters. I’m the baby!

The first memory I have of any sign of struggle was when I was 15, we were declared homeless. I had to move from the town I grew up in, away from my friends to a council house in the middle of nowhere. It actually turned out to be the best thing I ever did! I made some great friends, got my first proper job and because it was such a small village, it gave me the motivation to move out by myself. I moved in with one of my sisters and eventually met a guy who is now my husband and father to my children.

Our first child, wasn’t planned. We both had jobs, I worked in a nursing home so I was able to go part time when she arrived and work in the evenings. Money got tighter but we were doing alright. WRONG! I suffered with PND, anxiety and OCD. I dreaded going to work or even outside so, we decided it was best for me to give up work.

I was advised that I could claim child tax credits, it wasn’t ideal but it would keep us going until I got better. It did help a lot. WRONG! We received a letter saying they had overpaid us and would be stopping payments until the outstanding balance had been payed.

We decided to move to a town with closer to my husbands work and into a house with cheaper rent. Things were looking up and we were finally comfortable again. So comfortable that we had baby number 2! Things were great, I was happy with our happy family. WRONG! The landlord decided he wanted his house back (the joys of renting), so we had to find a new house and £2000 for a deposit, first months rent and added fees. We borrowed money and  moved house, all whilst trying to keep a toddler and baby happy!

We are now settled, tightening the purse strings even more and both children are very happy and so are we, despite all the financial stress we have had in the last three years.

So I asked myself, will my children know that we struggled to feed them? My answer is, probably not! They get fed even if it means us going with out or a bill going unpaid, just like my mum and dad used to do. I don’t remember going without so I doubt my children will either. Hopefully they remember being happy and healthy children with parents who love them!

7 thoughts on “Will my children know we struggled to feed them? ”

  1. I imagine your children will just remember being loved. But I hate the current austerity measures and that families on lower incomes are struggling so much, it’s just wrong. My sister had the same problem with working tax credits and had to repay them and has refused to use them again as the repayments were crippling her when money was already so tight. #picknmix

    1. It really is sad to see so many struggling. I really didn’t want to claim tax credits because I was afraid of what propel would think of me but they are there for people who desperately need them to survive.
      My husband does have a quite well paid job but it has to support the four of us so every penny is spent. It’s when the unexpected things come up that makes it harder, especially when you already live hand to mouth!

  2. Lovely in Cornwall a huge amount of people have tax credits, the wages down here are just a lot lower and we all need help sometimes.
    You do an amazing job of feeding your family on not a lot – we all read about it and have our mouths watering 😉 You are a great Mum.
    When I was growing up we often didn’t have enough money to eat anything other than jacket potatoes as we could get a sack of potatoes cheaply – it did me no harm but you do a lot better for your own kids xx
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

    1. Thank you Stevie!
      We did look at moving out of Cornwall so we could get a better and maybe even afford a house but I would rather live in a place we all love!
      We are getting there eventually, things could be a lot worse so we are very lucky

  3. Sounds like you can make a meal go a long way and your children will grow up with fond childhood memories. Playing out on the moors and beaches and having fun is what childhood is all about. Having full tummies, being loved and living in a beautiful part of the country makes them the richest kids around.

  4. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said and some of the comments above. I was aware of my parents financial struggles as a kid, as we often went without things our friends had, but I’m grateful that I don’t recall food ever being one of them. Just like you, Mom was a really good cook, creative and skilled at making a little go a long way & at adapting recipes to suit her budget; nothing was wasted. We learned a lot from that and your kids will too. They’ll grow up to value the food you put on their plate and just like we did, they’ll probably learn to cook and prepare food at a young age. Life Skills. xx

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