Cheap Days Out – A Rainy Adventure

My daughter has just started school, she has spent pretty much everyday with me for the last four years so it has been really tough for the both of us. There is a silver lining though, I finally get to spend some much needed alone time with my two year old son. It has been amazing bounding with him. We go on play dates with children his age rather than getting dragged along to his big sisters friends, we do arts and crafts, go to soft play, toddler groups and we go on many adventures.

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Leftover Rice Pancakes

Rice used to be my most wasted food, I don’t think I have every cooked the exacted amount so I always have some leftover. Some people can be a bit nervous about reusing cooked rice, this is what I do to prevent the spores from flourishing which can cause food poisoning:

  • Run cold water over the cooked rice until it has completely cooled.
  • Store in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day.
  • Do not leave warm, cooked rice out on the kitchen side. The spores will germinate at room temperature.

These pancakes only require two ingredients so they are really simple to make. I use them as wraps, in the kids packed lunch, a side for almost any meal. They are especially good with a fried breakfast!

Makes 4 small pancakes

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Meal Plan Week 10

We have gone a week without anything expensive to pay for wooo! Obviously we are still sticking to a tight budget since there are nursery bills to pay for and my son has had a growth spurt so he will be needing some more clothes. I have brought some already in charity shops and I plan to sell his old ones on eBay to get a few more. We are already starting to think about buying Christmas presents too (sorry for saying the C word!) so hopefully December and January will be a bit better financially.

Here are our meals for this week, they are all under £1 a serving and we have one grown up meal a week which isn’t suitable for the kids (they look forward to their weekly fish fingers, chips and beans!).


Homemade Pizza: Yep my daughter picked pizza again just like every week! I don’t mind too much as they love making them and they are guaranteed to eat it.


Tacos with homemade salsa: Taco Tuesday! I use pork mince with taco seasoning, onions, red pepper and my homemade salsa.


Tuna flatbread melts: I used my two ingredient flat breads recipe with tuna, soft cheese and onion. It is a very cheap meal to make and everyone in my household loves them!


Chilli and rice: This is a simple chilli recipe, I purposely make a bit extra to have with tomorrows meal.


Leftover chilli and nacho chips: Chilli from yesturday’s leftovers with chips cooked in taco seasoning. We also like to have a dollop of sour cream and guacamole.


Butter chicken curry with rice and homemade naan bread: Butter chicken curry is my favorite curry, mostly because it’s mild and I can be a wuss when it comes to spice! My husband prefers his with a little more heat so I add more chilli powder once I have taken out portions for me and the kids.


Piri piri chicken wraps: Our grown up meal for the week. Would you believe that I have only ever had one Nando’s in my lifetime?! It was amazing so I thought I would try and come up with my own version.

I love food inspiration so let me know what’s on your meal plan this week!

GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit Review

As well as involving my children with cooking food that we eat, I also try and show them where their food comes from. We grow herbs on the windowsill, pick blackberries from the hedgerows, grow vegetables in the garden and go strawberry pick. So I of course said yes when GroCycle invited us to review one of their mushroom growing kits.

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Back To School Lunches – Hartleys Jelly Review

My daughter has just started her first year of school (sob) and my son is in nursery. After the first two weeks of doing the school and nursery runs, I realise I’m not the perfect, organised mum that I thought I would be!

  • Have school uniform washed and ironed before bed – Fail! I’m up late at night ironing.
  • Get to school on time – Fail!  We were 10 minuteswq late on the first day.
  • Make mum friends in the playground – Fail! I’ve come to terms that I will forever be socially awkward.
  • Make everyone presentable in the morning – Fail/success! The kids look clean and well dressed. I however, look like one of The Twits… No wonder no one wants to be my friend…!
  • Lunches – Success! It’s no secret that I like making packed lunches but I thought I would struggle now they both have them.

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Meal Plan Week 9

August has been a very expensive month in the Budget Food Mummy household. We have had two birthdays with a joint birthday party, days out during the summer break and a school uniform to buy for my daughter who has just started Reception class. So we are really tightening our purse strings over September to get ourselves back on track.

My husband and I have started to have one ‘grown ups’ meal a week. It is normally something the kids wouldn’t like to eat. We cook it together when they have gone to bed.

All meals in this weeks meal plan our under £1 per serving.


Fish pie and vegetables – This is a new fish pie recipe I am trying out, it is made with tinned fish and served with frozen vegetables.


Crispy shredded chicken with egg fried rice – Our ‘grown up’ meal! It is one of our favorites from the takeaway so we thought we would recreate it at home.


Leftover rice pancakes and taco chicken – The leftover rice and chicken from yesterday’s meal. The chicken will be cooked in taco seasoning and served in the rice pancakes with red pepper and onion.


Homemade sausage rolls with vegetables and spaghetti hoops – I let my daughter pick two meals each week that she thinks her and her brother will like. (The vegetables aren’t her choice though!)


Mash potato and bacon soup – A new recipe again, I’m hoping it will use up the all the potatoes I have in the cupboard. It will be served with some homemade bread rolls.


Homemade hamburgers and chips – The burgers are made with sausages, breadcrumbs and a few herbs and spices. A family favorite in our house! (Another one of my daughter’s choices.)


Homemade Pizza – It is looking like a miserable weekend weather wise so we are going to spend some of the day making pizza. My daughter loves helping to make the dough and both kids like to chose their own toppings.

So, that is my meal plan for the week! What is on yours?


Mushroom and Pearl Barley Risotto

Risotto is such a comforting and warming meal but using arborio rice is completely unnecessary as it is quite expensive. I use pearl barley because it is such a cheap grain. In this recipe I used the dried mushrooms I received with my mushroom growing kit from GroCycle.

I have made this before with fresh mushrooms which also tastes just as delicious. This is a great recipe to make in your slow cooker.

Serves 4        Costs 27p per serving

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Shortbread Thumbprints Biscuits 

Butter is one of my favorite cooking staples. I use it in all types of meals but especially in baking. Recently I was kindly sent some butter from Wykes Farm, so I thought we would make our favourite buttery treat. They are simple to make, use little ingredients and are fun for little ones to make.

Makes 12

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

There are so many reasons I love homemade chicken nuggets!

  1. They use up any leftover chicken from our roast dinner.
  2. You know exactly what goes into them.
  3. The kids love getting messy whilst they help make them.
  4. The kids actually eat them all!

I use the cooked leg meat and any leftovers from our roast chicken but you can which ever part of the chicken you prefer.

Makes 12-16

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Hash Browns

You may be wondering why I’m doing such a simple recipe! Well not only were hash browns one of the first things I attempted to cook for my husband when we first met (massive fail, I didn’t put the eggs in and tried to cook them in the oven!), but they are also cheap to make.

The mixture and hash browns can be frozen if you don’t need them all at once!

Costs 9p each

Makes 12

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