Looking After Your Skin This Summer with Living Sea Therapy

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Summer is finally here! For me, one of the best things about living in Cornwall are the long sunny days spent at the beach with my family. By day we paddle in the sea, look for creatures in the rock pools and make some epic sand castles. As the sun starts to set we have a BBQ and a drink… or two! We return home sandy, sunburnt skin and feeling a bit gross. That’s where Living Sea Therapy comes in handy…

As a keen cook I am used to putting products from Cornish Sea Salt Company and Cornish Seaweed Company in my food rather than on my body. Both of these companies have come together, as well as a team of marine biologists, environmentalists and leading therapists to develop the Living Sea Therapy range.

Having a few skin problems myself, I have used skin products containing seaweed before and I have noticed other products with sea salt in. So what is so different about this one I hear you ask?! The answer is Living Sea Complex which combines the unique geology of the Lizard Peninsula which lies in a designated Area of Outstanding Beauty and a Marine Conservation Zone. The water there contains 60 minerals which are all natural components of Cornish Sea Salt. It also contains a trio of Cornish seaweeds that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. Cornish Sea Salt minerals (aka ‘elixir of the sea’) are gently harvested from the Cornish waters off the Lizard Peninsula, have three times more natural sea minerals than the Dead Sea.

I have been trying a few Living Sea Therapy products whilst Cornwall was having a heat wave and here is how they helped look after my skin in the scorching hot sun.

Wash off your sun cream.

Obviously sun cream is really important when it comes to protecting your skin. But when the sun goes down and you return home you are left feeling sticky, sandy and sweaty which isn’t so good. If you are prone to sensitivity or breakouts like myself, then you need to wash off all the sun cream and grime.

The Living Sea body wash contains pure essential oils that tone and smooth your skin. Since using it I have had a dramatic decrease of breakouts, that could be because it contains vitamins A, E and zinc which are well known for treating acne and scars. The ingredients are known to help detoxify the skin and act as a natural cleanser and toner. The body wash leaves you feeling clean and refreshed with the scent of grapefruit and eucalyptus.

living sea therapy body wash looking after your skin

Moisturise all over.

In the winter our skin is more prone to dryness so you are more likely to moisturise, but in the summer I always forget as my skin isn’t as dry. Sun exposure, air conditioning and chlorine from swimming pools are all drying environments. UV exposure can cause long term ageing effects to your skin. So it is very important to try and regain some of the moisture that your skin has lost.

The Living Sea Seaweed Trio body lotion lets your skin lock in moisture, improving skin tone and elasticity. As well as regaining moisture, you are able to reattain all the vitamins and minerals your body may have lost.

I found the body lotion light and gentle enough to wear on my face before applying make up, treating a recurring patch of eczema on my daughter’s leg and it came in handy for soothing my sunburn!

living sea therapy body lotion  looking after your skin

Don’t forget your hands.

The skin on your hands is the most prone to ageing in the sun. This is because the skin on your hands is thinner than on the rest of your body so it is more likely to wrinkle and pigment.

I am a long time sufferer of dermatitis, predominantly on my hands. I have been using the hand lotion, it absorbs quickly and leaves your hands soft and the smell reminds me of the sea. For anyone with particularly dry hands or a skin condition like me, you can try putting the hand lotion on before bed to give it even more time to absorb into your skin.

Living sea therapy hand lotion  looking after your skin



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