River Cottage Christmas

river cottage vegtable garden

Last week I fulfilled one of my all time foodie dreams, visiting and attending a Christmas feast at River Cottage. I was a little apprehensive as it was my first time driving out of Cornwall but thankfully I had some moral support from Choclette from Tin and Thyme blog.

river cottage farm

We arrived a bit earlier than everyone else so we walked down to River Cottage which is located the picturesque Axminster countryside. My first glimpse of River Cottage farm and the view were breathtaking! Upon arrival we were greeted with warm drinks and we had the chance to look around the famous garden and cottage before everyone else arrived.

First on the agenda was a meat curing demonstration from Senior Chef Andy Tyrrell which was really useful for Christmas dinner ideas. Who knew you could have a gin and tonic Christmas turkey?! They handed out tasters of bresaola (my first time tasting it) and brined lemony chicken which were delicious.

Whilst waiting for my Christmas feast, I took a wonder around the River Cottage cookery school where they offer a range of cookery courses including bread making, gluten free cookery, foraging and preserves.

River Cottage crispy rabbit on a romanesco purée
Crispy rabbit on a romanesco purée canapes.

Back to the feast… The food was the most amazing meal I have ever had (I could have eaten the honeycomb créme brulée all day) and it truly was a feast! With a very full tummy, I said farewell to River Cottage and my new blogging buddies. The bumpy tractor ride on a full stomach, back up to the car park was not a great idea!

River Cottage celeriac raviloi with wild mushrooms and leaves
Celeriac raviloi with wild mushrooms and leaves.
River Cottage cider brined ham, carrot puree, fried savoy cabbage and braised beans
River Cottage cider brined ham, carrot puree, fried savoy cabbage and braised beans.
River Cottage creme brulee with apple puree and apple crisps
Honeycomb créme brulée with apple purée and apple crisps.

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  1. Oh I can taste the food all over again now I’ve just read this. What a wonderful place it would be to spend Christmas. It was really good to meet you and thank you so much for the lift.

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