Korean BBQ Chicken and Sweet Fried Noodles – Encona Review

One of the best things I like about cooking is trying different foods so when I was offered the chance to review Encona’s new marinades, I couldn’t wait to get cooking! I received the Korean BBQ and Moroccan Harissa marinade. Korean food is something I wasn’t very familiar with so I was keen to try the BBQ marinade first. The hardest thing about making Asian food, which I love, is cooking on a budget whilst keeping the flavours. There are certain ingredients that I wouldn’t use every day so I try and make do with the things I have in my cupboard already.

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Mushroom and Noodle Broth

I’m back after a house move! I hope you have all have a good week or so. I have been working on some great new recipes, as well as trying to turn every meal weaning friendly. I have been sent an amazing money saving  product to review which I will let you know about in a few days.

I love Asian food, this recipe is a easy and cheap broth which tastes amazing. I took out some of the noodles and mushrooms, and mashed them a little with a fork for my 9 month old.

Costs: 88p a serving

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