Microwave Crisps

Before having children my microwave got used only for ready meals. After children, it gets used daily but for heating up bottles of milk or cold cups of tea! Recently, I have been using it for more useful things so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things I have created.

These crisps are a good, healthy snack which are enjoyed by my children and myself. They are super easy to make too but the hardest part is slicing the potato thin enough. The thinner you slice them, the crisper they will be.

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Passionfruit Cheesecake

One of my favorite restaurants does a passionfruit cheesecake, which is my favourite dessert ever! I can’t afford to go out and eat any more so I thought I would try and recreate it at home. It was actually really easy and simple to make. You will need a cake tin with a removable bottom.

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Why I chose to bottle feed my babies

First off I would like to say, we really need to stop worrying about how other people feed their babies. As long as you are comfortable and confident that you are doing the right thing for your baby and yourself, then carry on. Motherhood is such a difficult job so as mothers we should support each other rather than judging each others ways of parenting! These are my opinions and reasons for bottle feeding. I don’t mean to offend any boobies or babies!

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Reusable Baby Food Pouches 

Raising children is difficult and expensive!

I only started cooking 2 years ago when my daughter started weaning. Even though I trying to cook, I was still giving her baby food brought from the shop about 80% of the time. It is only now I realise how expensive it all was. Here is what I roughly used to spend in a week on baby foods:

  • Porridge/cereal: £2.00
  • Jars of baby food: £6.00
  • Snacks (biscuits, crisps, snack bars etc): £3.00

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Super Healthy Salmon Fish Cakes 

I seem to talk about eating for myself or younger children a lot but I have yet to mention what my 8 month old eats. Weaning the first time round was confusing and actually quite scary! I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to cook or what I had to feed a baby, but now I am confident to share with you what I do.

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