My Food Waste Journey

Did you know that the average household wastes around £470 worth of food and drink every year, even more for families? The most common reasons for throwing out food is that we cook too much or it gets left too long and spoils. As a budget cook, preventing food waste is high on my list of priorities. I go shopping weekly and buy exactly what I need for that week with the help of meal plans and a shopping list. Because I am on such a tight budget, if some thing goes to waste, I don’t have the luxury of buying any thing else. I make sure I eat before I go food shopping so I am not tempted to buy any thing that isn’t on the shopping list. Other wise, I would end up buying junk that just sits in the fridge or cupboard until it starts growing some other kind of life form! The only things I buy that aren’t on my shopping list are £2-5 worth of shopping for the food bank each week. You can also donate any thing in your cupboard which you are unlikely to use that is unused and in date.

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Cheese and Bacon Risotto 

Let me start off my saying, this is the first risotto I have ever made! I was recently watching a cooking show on BBC called The Box (I’m actually a little obsessed with it!), some of the contestants on an episode were making risotto so it inspired me to make one too. I’ve made a cheap and simple one with two of my favourite things in life, cheese and bacon! I have used arborio rice which is used for making risottos or rice puddings but just normal long grain rice will do, plus it is cheaper.

TOP TIP: Never stop stirring!!!!

Serves 4             Costs: 54p a serving

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Chunky Potato and Bacon Soup

Soup is a great way of getting extra vegetables into your diet. I find chunky soup more filling but you can take a portion out and blend if you are weaning. I also took another portion out for the toddler before adding salt. I usually have soup to use up any leftover ingredients so that is why it is topped with bacon, plus I just really like it! You can easily make it into a vegetarian dish by using vegetable stock and swap the bacon for croutons.

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