Make It Gluten free review 

The last few months I have been experimenting with gluten free baking, it hasn’t gone well! I had more or less given up on the idea of successfully baking anything edible for my family when I was offered the chance to review some gluten free mixes from Make It Gluten Free.

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Homemade Naan Bread

Do you ever get stuck in a rut of just buying something ready made from the shop instead of making it yourself? This is exactly what I have been doing with naan bread! When I found out they were incredibly cheap and easy to make, I haven’t brought any since.

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Two Ingredient Flat Breads

These are great to have with so many different things. We have them to go with curry, for tuna melts, cut up and used for dipping in soups and sauces, and I even put them in packed lunches. The possibilities are endless!

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Mozzarella Rolls

It’s that time of year again, Great British Bake Off is back on!! I’ve mentioned before about my love for baking bread (and Paul Hollywood!). Recently I have realised that I haven’t actually done a bread recipe of my own so here it is.
We ate these as a side dish with a tomato sauce and garlic butter to dip them in. Eva had a go at kneading the dough but it was a bit too much work for her to do so she got a bit bored but after the time it took to prove, she gained interest again. She really enjoyed cutting, shaping and putting the cheese in the middle.
They are easy to make so perfect if you are just starting out with bread making.

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Simple Banana Bread

I’m sure this is probably a obvious tip but instead of throwing over ripe bananas in the bin, make banana bread with them! It’s an easy recipe to make and there is a lot of mixing to do so its a good one to get children to help with. It costs around £1.25 to make a loaf size.

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Homemade Pizza

We are a family of pizza lovers. The great thing about making it your self is that you know exactly what’s going into it and all the family can get involved preparing it. I normally buy ready made bases to save time but seeing as it’s the weekend I thought I would make the pizza dough myself.

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Tomato and Basil Potato Focaccia 

I don’t get to bake bread as much as I would like just because it takes so long to do, but today was a miserable day so I decided to make my own focaccia. It’s not the easiest to get the hang of because the dough is wetter than normal bread dough. I also made it with potato, which I hadn’t tried before but it turned out pretty good!

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