Meal Plan Week 5

As Christmas approaches I have to be as thrifty as ever when it comes to our food shop. This week I brought a lot of vegetables for our meals form the reduced section in Asda just so I could buy an extra present or two!


Chorizo and Paprika Potatoes 

Tuna burgers


Chunky Potato and Bacon Soup

Pizza Dogs

Mozzarella and Tomato Gnocchi

Tacos with homemade Quick Salsa and Taco Seasoning


Leftover Baked Potato Bar

Chorizo Rice Stuffed Peppers

I like cooking meals that doesn’t involve using lots of different pots and pans, so this is pretty straight forward and doesn’t give you too much washing up! I decided not to cook the peppers, because it gives a nice crunchy texture to it.

Serves 4

Costs 76p per serving

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Sausage Jambalaya 

Jambalaya is a great way of using lots of different leftover meats. The smoked sausage was from the world food asle at the supermarket, it was 50p. You could even use meat left over from your roast dinner, such as chicken or pork. If your meat is precooked, add it at the end. It sticks to the pan as its cooking so make sure you constantly stir it.

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Chorizo Chowder

When I first started to cook meals this was one of the first things I used to do. Partly because it’s easy to make but also because I love soup and chorizo.

I took out a bowl full before adding the cayenne pepper because it’s a bit to spicy for little ones.

It’s the perfect meal for a cold miserable day (like today!) served with some crusty bread. Also, it only costs 72p a serving!

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