Why I chose to bottle feed my babies

First off I would like to say, we really need to stop worrying about how other people feed their babies. As long as you are comfortable and confident that you are doing the right thing for your baby and yourself, then carry on. Motherhood is such a difficult job so as mothers we should support each other rather than judging each others ways of parenting! These are my opinions and reasons for bottle feeding. I don’t mean to offend any boobies or babies!

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How to use your pantry, fridge and freezer. 

Who even has a pantry any more?! I keep all my food in a corner cupboard but pantry sounds better!

A part of the reason I’m able to keep the price of my food shopping down is because I keep a well stocked pantry. It contains the smaller items that you use regularly. Some may seem a bit expensive but they are more like an investment as they will be used in many meals.

I bet we all have some thing at the back of our cupboard that we got especially for a recipe and then it never saw the light of day again.

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Bacon and Pine Nut Macaroni Cheese

Cheese and pasta are two of my favourite foods, I eat cheese every day! So you would think macaroni cheese would be my absolute favourite but I have always found it boring, tasteless and bland. Every time I have cooked it I’ve developed and added things until I finally became happy with it. I’ve added pine nuts and crispy bacon for texture. The cheese sauce isn’t a classic cheese sauce, it’s not really suitable for those on a diet!

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There two things you should know about me:

  1. I love pizza
  2. I love making bread

So I double love stromboli!

As I said before, I love making bread. I understand it is very time consuming and it’s not for every one so you can use pizza dough sheets from the super market.

I make my toddler get involved by letting her have a go at kneading the dough, rolling it out and placing the ingredients into the middle. I find that, the more she helps with preparing the meal, the more likely she is to eat it after wards.

I have included the recipe and instructions for making the dough as it differs slightly from a typical bread dough.

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