Leftover Rice Pancakes

Rice used to be my most wasted food, I don’t think I have every cooked the exacted amount so I always have some leftover. Some people can be a bit nervous about reusing cooked rice, this is what I do to prevent the spores from flourishing which can cause food poisoning:

  • Run cold water over the cooked rice until it has completely cooled.
  • Store in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day.
  • Do not leave warm, cooked rice out on the kitchen side. The spores will germinate at room temperature.

These pancakes only require two ingredients so they are really simple to make. I use them as wraps, in the kids packed lunch, a side for almost any meal. They are especially good with a fried breakfast!

Makes 4 small pancakes

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Make It Gluten free review 

The last few months I have been experimenting with gluten free baking, it hasn’t gone well! I had more or less given up on the idea of successfully baking anything edible for my family when I was offered the chance to review some gluten free mixes from Make It Gluten Free.

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Banana and Oat Pancakes 

My children and I love these! They are a perfect way of using up any over ripe bananas, and you can also add additional ingredients like, dried fruits or spices to them. We have them for breakfast, lunch and even as a snack. I have served mine with runny honey and banana but my daughter recommends them with ice cream!

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Weaning Banana Pancakes

*Beware, baby poop talk!!!*

My 10 month old is now eating every thing we eat and he is loving it. However, with the solid food stage comes the stuck poo stage!! It is completely normal, it’s their digestive system getting used to harder foods. It does get easier in time but there are foods you can give them to help them along. Bananas are particularly good for digestion so these pancakes are perfect for them as well as being good for finger food. I’ve also put a dollop of natural yoghurt on as it is beneficial to the digestive system and helping with constipation. I have made two different versions, one plain version for the babies and chocolate for the toddlers. They are also gluten free!

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