Broccoli and Bacon Pasta Bake

What do you do with your leftover vegetables from your roast dinner? This week I put mine with with an easy pasta bake and made it even more tasty by putting crispy bacon crumbs on top. If you are a vegetarian, feel free to substitute the bacon for breadcrumbs. Both my kids ate all their broccoli… probably something to do with it being covered in cheese sauce!

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Marmite Spaghetti 

This is a dish I make when I’m in a rush or if we have have nothing for dinner or lunch. It’s great sprinkled with cheese and parsley but this is the basic recipe. I apologise to all the Marmite haters out there but I love it! I haven’t actually used Marmite, but I didn’t think ‘Yeast Extract Spaghetti’ made a very appealing title!! It’s simple, quick and ultra cheap. Both my children love it, I have cut Ed’s up so it was more manageable for him (he is 10 months old, eating finger food).
Serves 4 Costs 15p a serving

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Easy Cheesy Courgette Pasta

This is an ultra cheap meal, 92p a serving! It’s easy to blend down for smaller ones too. I didn’t like courgette until a few months ago, actually I haven’t really tasted it but I’m trying to get my toddler to try everything I can think of and courgette is one green vegetable that she actually likes now. She’s also a big fan of pasta and cheese so this dish is especially for her because she’s been a bit run down with chicken pox the last few days.

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Tuna and Broccoli Bake 

When it comes to meal planning I always try and include one meal that includes fish. It seems expensive for the amount you actually get so I usually buy tinned. The town I used to live in had an amazing fishmonger, it was cheap, fresh and had so much more variety. Now I’ve moved and live no where near one! If your local supermarket has a fishmonger in store, check to see what time they close because they reduce any fish that they can not sell the next day. You maybe able to pick up some fish to use for your meal that day!

This meal costs £1.10 per serving.

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Cream Free Spaghetti Carbonara

I love Carbonara but I don’t get to eat it becaue we have a cream hater in the house! I’ve used cheddar instead of parmesan cheese because it costs a lot less. This dish only costs 85p a serving!

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Bacon and Pine Nut Macaroni Cheese

Cheese and pasta are two of my favourite foods, I eat cheese every day! So you would think macaroni cheese would be my absolute favourite but I have always found it boring, tasteless and bland. Every time I have cooked it I’ve developed and added things until I finally became happy with it. I’ve added pine nuts and crispy bacon for texture. The cheese sauce isn’t a classic cheese sauce, it’s not really suitable for those on a diet!

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