Korean BBQ Chicken and Sweet Fried Noodles – Encona Review

One of the best things I like about cooking is trying different foods so when I was offered the chance to review Encona’s new marinades, I couldn’t wait to get cooking! I received the Korean BBQ and Moroccan Harissa marinade. Korean food is something I wasn’t very familiar with so I was keen to try the BBQ marinade first. The hardest thing about making Asian food, which I love, is cooking on a budget whilst keeping the flavours. There are certain ingredients that I wouldn’t use every day so I try and make do with the things I have in my cupboard already.

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Simple Chilli

Chilli con carne is some thing I remember my mum making for us all when we all lived at home. She even used to make it for me to put in the freezer when I was older. It’s simple comfort food suitable for all members of the family. It’s a simple and easy meal to make mostly with ingredients from the kitchen cupboard. Every one makes their chilli different so I thought I would share with you my recipe that all my family love.

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Salmon and Pesto Slice 

I feel like I don’t eat enough fish. It’s so good for you and because I do not eat red meat, it is a great alternative. Fish can be expensive compared to meat but the cheapest and best place to buy it is your local fishmonger. If you don’t have a fishmonger near you, the fish counters at the supermarkets mark the price down just before shutting but you have to be quick! This recipe is supposed to be a take on a salmon en croute but that sounds far too posh for me so I will go with salmon slice! It is a bit more pricey than my normal meals but it’s a pay day treat!

Serves 2-4 depending on what you serve it with.

Costs £1.32 a serving

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Fancy Toad In The Hole

This maybe an easy and obvious recipe to make but I’ve added a few things to make it extra tasty whilst still keeping the price low. You can make the batter in advance and put it in the fridge. I find the longer it’s been in the fridge, the better the batter rises.

Costs: 0.56p per serving.

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Shh! Secret Vegtable Tomato Sauce 

I’m constantly worrying that I don’t eat enough vegetables or that my children don’t eat enough of them either. My toddler is going through a fussy phase! Here are some of her excuses for not wanting to eat certain vegetables:

  1. It stinks
  2. It’s sticky
  3. It’s for babies
  4. It’s green/red/yellow
  5. It’s wet/dry
  6. It’s hot/cold

….You get the idea!

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Shredded Chicken Taco Wraps

As a child you are always told not to play with your food. I say, let them! I love seeing the joy on my daughter’s face as she threads a bit of spaghetti in and out of her fingers, pretending it’s a snake. My son loves to rub food all over the table, his face and generally over every thing! It gets in their mouth eventually so what’s the big rush. I believe that children discover food not just through taste but through being able to feel, smell and see it. By see it I mean, seeing what goes into it. I’m not sure if you have noticed but I take a picture of all the ingredients before I cook it. This is so we can talk about the different things, we play ‘the name game’ and ‘name that colour’. The more fun my toddler has preparing in, the more likely she is to eat it. This dish is a great way of getting children involved by helping cut the pepper, grate cheese and then finally, putting it all together in the wrap. The chicken takes a while to cook so whilst it was cooking we made paper crowns and decorated at the kitchen table.

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Chicken Kievs

As requested, chicken Kievs! I used chicken breasts for mine but you could also use the meat from the legs, thighs and wings. Just mix all the meat in a blender, spilt the mixture into equal balls. Flatten each one out and put the garlic butter in the middle, wrap the meat around the butter and voila, chicken Kievs!

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Cheesy Chicken and Bean Quesadillas

Beans, beans, good for your heart… They actually are! Eating beans can help prevent heart disease as well helping to lower your cholesterol. They can be a bit boring so I like to add them to meals to liven them up a bit.

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