Nacho Cheese Sauce

In April we had our honeymoon in Disneyland Paris as a family and it was amazing! The food wasn’t great though and it was very expensive. Breakfast, lunch and a snack was included in the price but all the meals for dinner were out of our price range. We found somewhere that sold hotdogs which was great because we thought it would be something the kids would actually eat, they were pretty cheap compared to other meals and we could all eat them on the go. I had a chilli hotdog which was smothered in nacho cheese sauce… It was one of the most amazing things I had tasted!

When we returned home I made it my mission to recreate it myself. My version turned out just as tasty and you can have it with so many different ways. We have had it on hotdogs, poured over nachos and as a dip for nacho chips.

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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

For Christmas I received a slow cooker, I have been meaning to get one for ages but have always had something more important to spend my money on!

My first experiment was pulled pork. It’s a dish that all my family love but I have never attempted to make it myself.

The pork joint leg joint cost £2.80 for 1.9kg and I completely underestimated how much it would make. It gave the four of us (two hungry adults and two toddlers), enough for three different meals.

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Korean BBQ Chicken and Sweet Fried Noodles – Encona Review

One of the best things I like about cooking is trying different foods so when I was offered the chance to review Encona’s new marinades, I couldn’t wait to get cooking! I received the Korean BBQ and Moroccan Harissa marinade. Korean food is something I wasn’t very familiar with so I was keen to try the BBQ marinade first. The hardest thing about making Asian food, which I love, is cooking on a budget whilst keeping the flavours. There are certain ingredients that I wouldn’t use every day so I try and make do with the things I have in my cupboard already.

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Shh! Secret Vegtable Tomato Sauce 

I’m constantly worrying that I don’t eat enough vegetables or that my children don’t eat enough of them either. My toddler is going through a fussy phase! Here are some of her excuses for not wanting to eat certain vegetables:

  1. It stinks
  2. It’s sticky
  3. It’s for babies
  4. It’s green/red/yellow
  5. It’s wet/dry
  6. It’s hot/cold

….You get the idea!

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Hunters Chicken

This is my ultimate comfort food! It’s really easy to make and prepare. I even made the sauce from my store cupboard staples. Because I have two chicken dishes and a soup to make this week, I brought a whole chicken. The breasts will used for the hunters chicken, the thigh meat for a pie and the carcass as the stock for the soup.

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