Meal Plan Week 3

Meal plans make shopping for food and cooking meals a whole lot easier and cheaper. This week we are having a couple of regular favourites and some new or unpublished recipes.  All meals are less than £1 a serving and suitable for all the family. 


Chicken Chow Mein 


Pull apart pizza 


Tuna Melt 


Chorizo and Mozzarella Ham Burgers


Courgette Frittata


Chorizo and Tomato Spaghetti 


Sausage and Mash

Marmite Spaghetti 

This is a dish I make when I’m in a rush or if we have have nothing for dinner or lunch. It’s great sprinkled with cheese and parsley but this is the basic recipe. I apologise to all the Marmite haters out there but I love it! I haven’t actually used Marmite, but I didn’t think ‘Yeast Extract Spaghetti’ made a very appealing title!! It’s simple, quick and ultra cheap. Both my children love it, I have cut Ed’s up so it was more manageable for him (he is 10 months old, eating finger food).
Serves 4 Costs 15p a serving

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