Meal Plan Week 12

meal plan

Wow, what a busy month! Christmas is finally over and we are finally getting back to normal. Meal plans seem to have completely been forgotten over the last couple weeks. I have had the flu so the family have survived on easy to cook meals and Christmas leftovers. This year I have decided to put more work into my blog. I’m going to update old recipes and get rid of some of the embarrassing photos! I have lots of new recipe ideas too so keep your eyes peeled.

All meals are under £1 a serving.

Monday – Miso chicken noodles: We have had some miso paste in the cupboard for a while now and I really need to start using it so it doesn’t go to waste. I’m going to use it in this dish with leftover chicken from our Sunday roast.

Tuesday – Tacos: They are very popular in our house! I use mince mixed with taco seasoning and with my homemade salsa.

Wednesday – Peri peri chicken baguettes: These are for our grown up meal this week so the children with have jacket potatoes which I’m sure they will be very thankful for!

Thursday Homemade Pizza: Yes, another pizza! I’ve accepted that we have pizza every week. I don’t mind too much now as the kids love making it and they always eat it.

Friday – Spaghetti carbonara: This is a new recipe I have been trying out. No one in the family likes the creamy version so hopefully they like this one.

Saturday – Sweet and sour chicken: Another new recipe hopefully. The sauce is really cheap and easy to make so I would like to have this more often.

Sunday – Fish pie: This is made using tinned fish and frozen vegetables with cheesy mash on top. It is the cheapest fish pie I make and it tastes amazing!




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