Meal Plan Week 9

meal plan

August has been a very expensive month in the Budget Food Mummy household. We have had two birthdays with a joint birthday party, days out during the summer break and a school uniform to buy for my daughter who has just started Reception class. So we are really tightening our purse strings over September to get ourselves back on track.

My husband and I have started to have one ‘grown ups’ meal a week. It is normally something the kids wouldn’t like to eat. We cook it together when they have gone to bed.

All meals in this weeks meal plan our under £1 per serving.


Fish pie and vegetables – This is a new fish pie recipe I am trying out, it is made with tinned fish and served with frozen vegetables.


Crispy shredded chicken with egg fried rice – Our ‘grown up’ meal! It is one of our favorites from the takeaway so we thought we would recreate it at home.


Leftover rice pancakes and taco chicken – The leftover rice and chicken from yesterday’s meal. The chicken will be cooked in taco seasoning and served in the rice pancakes with red pepper and onion.


Homemade sausage rolls with vegetables and spaghetti hoops – I let my daughter pick two meals each week that she thinks her and her brother will like. (The vegetables aren’t her choice though!)


Mash potato and bacon soup – A new recipe again, I’m hoping it will use up the all the potatoes I have in the cupboard. It will be served with some homemade bread rolls.


Homemade hamburgers and chips – The burgers are made with sausages, breadcrumbs and a few herbs and spices. A family favorite in our house! (Another one of my daughter’s choices.)


Homemade Pizza – It is looking like a miserable weekend weather wise so we are going to spend some of the day making pizza. My daughter loves helping to make the dough and both kids like to chose their own toppings.

So, that is my meal plan for the week! What is on yours?


3 thoughts on “Meal Plan Week 9”

  1. Some great ideas there, I’m always looking for inspiration for new dishes here as I tend to stick to the same type of things!
    Fish pie and homemade pizza is two meals that always go down really well with everybody here.
    We have a “grown up” meal once a week as well – usually a blow your head off homemade curry lol as the small ‘uns don’t like curry so we do a nice hot one once a week just for us, just ‘cos we can! 😀
    That way they get fishfingers and chips or whatever and everyone’s happy. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I have really missed grown up meals and I think the kids appreciate having some thing like fish fingers, chips and beans too!

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