Meal Plan Week 1

We are trying saving a bit of money for Christmas so I have been trying to make our meals as cheap as possible but still interesting and nutritious. 

Monday: Toad in the hole

Tuesday: Bacon and cheese risotto

Wednesday: Mushroom and noodle broth

Thursday: Chicken stew with dumplings 

Friday: Mozzarella and tomato gnocchi

Saturday: Chunky potato and bacon soup

Sunday: Homemade pizza

If the chicken stew gets a thumbs up, I will publish the recipe!

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan Week 1”

  1. Are all of these original recipes?! I usually butter bread, cut a hole with a cookie cutter, and fry it in a pan, cracking the egg inside the hole… is that not toad in the hole? Anyway, very impressive line up here.

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